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Hello from Zürich
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Hello from Bern
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Geschrieben von: Fyodor - 29.03.2021,22:15 - Forum: News, Announcements - Keine Antworten


Thanks for letting me join. I'm a recreational sports shooter from Germany. I own a G96/11 that I won in an online auction for next to nothing, but it lit the spark in me for the fine Swiss rifles. I plan on getting a collectors licence and collect Swiss army guns and bladed weapons, an already started to build by library.



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Tongue Hello from Zürich
Geschrieben von: easyjones - 30.11.2020,09:27 - Forum: News, Announcements - Keine Antworten

Hello from Zürich. 

Nice forum from the godfather of swiss guns. ?
First, let me read the billions of forum entries... before i might have a chance to react to some of the topics here. 

Overwhelming... ?

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  Hello from Bern
Geschrieben von: baccardi - 11.10.2020,12:26 - Forum: News, Announcements - Keine Antworten


I'm a new forum participant; I have to apologize for the mediocritiy of my English (first language frensh, second german).
I'm come from Bern, Switzerland and I am a collector of swissguns, all swissguns: rifles, pistols, revolvers from the XIXe century until today.

I'm also an active shooter in a local society and shooting instructor of the Swiss Army for the civilan shooting activities.

I notice that I may be the first member of the forum... ??

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